Latest News on WS

The most recent update on the LISK thread on WS is that it is now a members only forum.

Since my ban, I was able to read the threads and posts by the members of WS. The latest rule is for the members of WS: no copying/pasting of member comments on any other forum.

As my reader knows at this point, the member ps149 had me banned for sleuthing CPH. So the rules for the WS members no longer apply to me.

What are the legal ramifications of my quoting with references? Really, none. Let me explain…

Quoting Truthspider:

Truthspider has been vocal in his beliefs. I respect the work he’s done on this case. He is a smart man and I give him credit. I would not “steal” his work to claim as my own. I have given credit where credit is due.

Sharing screen shots with other member quotes:

I have shared screen shots of comments from ps149 that included the member quotes of others. I don’t know if these members want their screen shot comments publicized outside of WS, so I have pixelated their identifying information out of respect for their privacy.

Sharing quotes from ps149:

I’m not even slightly concerned about ps149 or any of his sock puppets taking legal action against me for quoting or posting screen shots of his comments. Why would I not be worried? Because I know it’s CPH commenting. He’s not stupid. He’s not going to expose himself to sue me for slander, libel, copyright infringement, or any legal action he could think of. If he did, it would expose him of being CPH and using WS for years to talk about his many crimes. He’s used sock puppets for many years. Some of his crimes have been blamed on others. DNA evidence has been left, and innocent parties have been released.

Once I came to realize how long he has been doing this on UG, it dawned on me he had been doing the same on WS. If you think he’s only on the LISK thread on WS, you would be sorely mistaken.

The “World Wide Web” has been his playground. He’s used it to stalk his victims before and after his crimes. He’s used it to discuss his crimes. He’s used it to spearhead investigations. He’s used it to “leak” false info to the press. He’s used it to blog about his “theories”, always having the answer because it was he who committed the crimes.

It will be a lot for prosecutors to weed through. He’s left a giant snail trail all over the internet. It’s too wide for him to clean up now, and he is freaking out.


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