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06-21-2011, 06:03 AM


file this under profiling
while driving past oak beach everyday on my way home, all the things I learned about this case percolate in my mind, I realized I don’t think I shared this when I found it, it’s an article about a town meeting to discuss the proposal of condos going in where OBI was:…t_Page/06.html

(relevant section pasted below, full name removed by me)

“CPH, a practicing physician based in Oak Beach, pointed out that environmental concerns are beyond the point of being easily swept aside.

“We’re concerned about health, specifically the increase in waste water from septic systems and the increase in chemicals used to clean and maintain them,” CPH explained. “There’s also a very good possibility we could see an increase in mosquito breeding.”

CPH said he has other concerns, as well. “What about (unrestricted) access for the fire department?” he pointed out. “And, what about having parking below the flood plane? Cars will have to be parked elsewhere in the event of storms and hurricanes. There are a lot of (things) that need to be addressed. But unfortunately, it seems the proposal already has the blessing of the town board.”

what at first seemed like a fairly irrelevant article, now I feel sheds light on 2 important character traits: territorial behavior and being well spoken.

“Territorial: Displaying territoriality; defending a territory from intruders”
I believe our sk is a long time oak beach resident and is very territorial…

As for being well spoken, I have to believe to be awarded the positions and titles that CPH has held in the past, he must be a capable and well spoken individual, I feel his quote in this article shows this to be the case. This guy can handle public speaking. So why the near jibberish when being questioned by the news/media? Why is his affect wrong in his responses to members of the media? And how come I can’t sleep? :

CPH, I hate condos as well, but I am not sure I understand the science behind condos and additional mosquito breeding. Can you explain? You seem to have a better understanding of the shoreline ecology than most OB residents.

NIMBY because that’s where I keep my secrets….?
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17 thoughts on “Memorable quotes from Truthspider

  1. linda says:

    there is no truthspider…mm7 your a fake if not worse…gonna expose you

    • mysterymom7 says:

      How messed up are you? Truthspider was in GQ UK Magazine in a feature article about LISK. If you’re going to flat out make shit up, at least come up with something believable.

  2. linda says:

    you sick fuckin bitch!!…you made it all up..tainted the jury pool…and made them all up..we all set you up..take ur site down…you are going to jail crackhead

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Made WHAT up? Going to jail for what? The imaginary phone call you got from me and Flukeyou? Lmao! Yeah, I got your phone number from your imaginary friend ps149. Hahaha! Oh wait, maybe it was your imaginary friend fieldnotes? Or was it Moonunderfoot? Or was it mcme? Oh I can’t remember which imaginary friend of yours gave me your number to leave you an imaginary voicemail.

  3. linda says:

    wait till you find out how deep ur in you dumb cunt

  4. expectingmom1 says:

    Truthspider is Brendan Murphy. His dad is Daniel J Murphy a supreme court legal clerk for a judge in Riverhead. There will be grounds for a mistrial because the son of a clerk has been campaigning against the defendant Dr. Charles Peter Hackett. Brendan’s brother was Michael Murphy the navy seal who died & got the medal of honor and a battleship named after him.

    I think truthspider’s dad got him the copy of Mari Gilbert’s lawsuit since he works there. Mari should ask to move the triL to another clurt to avoid a mistrial.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Grounds for a mistrial of what? There’s no jury for Mari’s case against CPH. This isn’t an episode of Law & Order. Lol

      • Elliot Stabler says:

        You’re right Amanda Rollins because judge Martin still hasn’t decided if Mari even has a case worthy of his court room. Let’s assume one week from today that he chooses to allow her case to be heard, explain to everyone, genius, who you think is going to decide the outcome of the case if a jury isn’t going to be chosen?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        She does have a case. It’s not whether she does have a case or not. It’s whether CPH will try to push it back again and again right now.

  5. Margaret Sherick says:

    and by the way all you dumb asses wasting your time writing useless shit on this blog, Truthspider is not Brendan Murphy. TRUTHSPIDER IS JOHN MURPHY. His dad is DANIEL J BYRNES, a NYS SUPREME COURT LAW CLERK for a judge in the Riverhead Supreme court. His brother, MICHAEL MURPHY was a LIFE GUARD for many years before he joined the Navy. JOSEPH SCALISE (FLUKEYOU) is the DIRECTOR OF LIFEGUARDS for long Island. That is how FLUKEYOU and TRUTHSPIDER have a connection.



    Now go back to whatever useless shit it is that you old farts do and also stop writing about AMANDA!!!

  6. BabylonBarry says:

    When is chp due in court?

  7. […] February 20, 2013 at 8:57 pm  and by the way all you dumb asses wasting your time writing useless shit on this blog, Truthspider is not Brendan Murphy. TRUTHSPIDER IS JOHN MURPHY. His dad is DANIEL J BYRNES, a NYS SUPREME COURT LAW CLERK for a judge in the Riverhead Supreme court. His brother, MICHAEL MURPHY was a LIFE GUARD for many years before he joined the Navy. JOSEPH SCALISE (FLUKEYOU) is the DIRECTOR OF LIFEGUARDS for long Island. That is how FLUKEYOU and TRUTHSPIDER have a connection. […]

  8. Cheryl says:

    What a fuking IDIOT!

  9. Cheryl says:

    So then you’re John Murphy . Good for you.

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