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There’s a new rule on WS: members are not allowed to copy/paste from the posts on any other forum. I’m no longer a member and no longer have access to viewing the LISK thread on WS.

The members at WS started finding a pattern of certain phrases being used on UG by a couple members: IRVINGTON29, MrLaureltonQueens, Gavy McCraveth, and Mr.Vargas.

These phrases or key words were used when LISK taunted the young sister of one of his victims. A disgusting form of psychological torture for this poor girl.

He called disposable phones, “Mickey Mouse” phones. He also taunted the sister with a disposable cell registered under the name “Mickey Mouse”.

He called the sister a “half breed”, an uncommon phrase for a younger generation.

He called MB a “whore”.

He used several names on UG to talk about “whores” and give details about the sex he had with these women. In many comments, he says “crackers” referring to white women to get the reader to believe he is black. He slipped up on occasion talking about his Italian father and Irish mother. You have to look hard for the inconsistencies in his “stories”. He is, in fact, a storyteller. Just like his daddy.

When the members of WS mentioned they had found these key words, ps149 freaked out. Just like he would talk to himself under different aliases on UG, he did the same on WS… and now here on this blog… His plan to control what the members did/did not look into unfolded…








7 thoughts on “LISK Practice Forum

  1. . says:

    How to frame someone for murder or war crimes As mastered by the Tamil terrorists

    If you need to frame someone for murder or war crimes, there are plenty of resources at your disposal.

    Use the wealth in the west to create a war chest. Just ask the Tamils living here. Use narco-terrorism, extortion, counterfeit documents, illegal and deadly weapons trade with terror groups, credit card fraud, money laundering, illegal human smuggling, etc, as the Tamils in the west have done for the past 30 years and still do.

    Contact the Tamil terrorists living in UK, US, Canada, Norway, Germany and Sweden and get them to make you a fake video to support your claim. Fabricate as much information as possible. Fraudulently alter photographs to support you heinous claims. Remember, anything goes.

    Pay, lobby and infiltrate human rights groups in the west such as Human Rights Watch in NY, Amnesty International in London, International Crisis Group in Belgium or the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Switzerland. They will digest all the false ‘evidence’ and go to war on your behalf. They will scream ‘WAR CRIMES’ for you.

    Reach out to the media in the west. Feed the fraudulent ‘evidence’ to BBC, NY Times, Guardian UK, Time magazine, Google News, UK Channel 4, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Inner City Press, ABC News, Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP, CNN and the Economist. They will never care about the authenticity of the ‘evidence’ or the false news stories you provide and everything will be published with catchy headlines. They will scream ‘WAR CRIMES’ for you. Always wine and dine those desperate journalists. You’ll never know when they’ll come in handy to write favorable propaganda articles. Remember, no one cares about ethics or the truth.

    Create your own ‘news’ Websites that promote your false claims. Examples: LTTE terror Websites ‘Tamilnet’ and ‘TamilCanadian’.

    Create bogus human rights activist groups and fronts such as Tamils Against Genocide and Tamil Justice to publish Fraudulent claims and lobby the west.

    Purchase politicians in the west. Once again, remember: everyone is for sale. They too will help you as long as those funds keep flowing. They will scream ‘WAR CRIMES’ for you.

    Then just sit back and enjoy the mayhem!!!

    – This plan courtesy of Tamils in the west

  2. . says:

    Do You Think I’m A Whore?

    he Knife Is On The Table.
    I Put Myself To Sleep.
    All I Know Is All I Know.
    Remember What You Sow Is What Reap!
    Why Can’t I Fucking Believe You?
    This is Your words For Me.
    A Little Sheltered Girl Is What I’ll Always Be.
    So Loving And Considerate.
    Too Scared Of What I’ll Be.
    I Look Into The Mirror, The Whore Is All I See.
    Like You. Like Me.
    Diminished, Self important, I’ll never see.
    Like You. Like Me.
    I Never Want To Be Like Me.
    Do You Think I’m A Whore?
    I’m A Whore (4x)

    Why can’t I Fucking Believe You?
    This is Your Words For Me.
    A Little Sheltered Girl Is What I’ll Always Fucking Be.
    So Loving And Considerate.
    Too Scared Of What I’ll Be.
    I Look Into The Mirror, The Whore Is All I See.
    Like You. Like Me.
    I’ll Never Cheat. I’m stubborn you see.
    Like you. Want Me. Know Me. For Eternity.
    I’m A Whore (8x)
    Haha. Haha. I’m A… Whore.

    • MandamusSeven says:

      Lyrics by Kittie “Do you think I’m a whore”.
      Demystifying the mindless copy and paste that this commenter is doing all over this blog is fairly easy if you have one single iota of common sense and use of google. People are on actually thinking these posts are real. lol Idiots. Sleuthers…pfffttt. They sleuth each others asses and that is about it.

  3. . says:

    Im sitting here looking at my wrists from old scars. have not cut for years but now getting the urge to do it again. To feel the pain which gave me relief. Maybe i deserve the pain. I look in the mirror and feel so disgusted at what i see. I shouldn’t feel like this. I am a guy. why carn’t i feel happy and have a good life like other people around me?

    i just don’t know what to do anymore. i feel so alone.

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