I will no longer allow comments to be posted with any variation of “mysterymom7” or “Cristin Kennedy Borders”.

I didn’t want to moderate the comments, but this is causing too much confusion for the reader.

I’ve pulled all comments down from the variations of my identity. I added a “Rules” page as a link to your left to inform the reader. Initially, it may cause more confusion while reading the comments, but I will not have my identity being abused to create more confusion unnecessarily.

If your online alias has been used in the comments, please let me know if you would like me to pull the comments you did not author, and I will get to them as quickly as possible.


5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Yes, please takedown any that were posted under my name that are not by me.The ones not bolded in blue. TIA

  2. Passed by your post and decided to share it on my blog so my followers can see it too. I used the same title, “Comments Catching LISK”

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