Hidden places…

“The best place to hide something is out in the open.”

I don’t know where that quote originates, but it proves to be true over and over and over…

There was a discussion recently on WS on the subject of LISK not killing his victims close to home (Oak Beach). He would need an alternative spot to kill his victims before dumping them. Someone posed the scenario of strangling them in his car, or “incapacitating” them in some way (a needle?). It is possible that with some of these girls’ drug history, they may have accepted and even injected themselves.

He has a vehicle. An SUV that blends in with other under cover police SUV’s. A van is too suspicious… for anyone. (Remember the beginning quote.) He can park on the side of the road with his fake police lights and go unnoticed on Ocean Parkway. He can flash his lights to stop a girl hitchhicking or walking the streets. He may even use his “courtesy shield” to get the girls to come to his vehicle. He may say, “I’m just looking out for you, there’s going to be a police sting tonight. Here, come with me and I’ll help you out. I got some money…”

He “gets off” on the stalking of his victims. The cameras at the front gate of the Oak Beach community can be accessed by the members of the community. When a person pulls up to the gate, they need to get a code to be let in. You can have the camera feed up on your computer and watch live who comes in and goes out. That’s right, you can be a nosey neighbor from the comfort of your own home.

He stalked his victims from the comfort of his home… his computer. He trolled the UG site under aliases such as IRVINGTON29, Mr.Vargas, and GavyMcCraveth. He was an admin of that forum and able to view and control everything. When a member called him out on the sick crap he posted, that member would be banned. He was writing his “story”, out in the open… the best place to hide. With any “story”, there are embellishments and half truths. One has to read carefully the pattern of what is and isn’t truth. It can be hard to see the difference because he is very convincing.

After he killed someone, the stalking of his victim continued. He had to make sure nobody was looking for his victim, and he had to find out what the police knew or didn’t know. He had to be the one with all the answers. He joined WS to read what became of his victims. There is a character flaw of his that most (not all) serial killers have, he can’t let anyone else take credit for his “work”. Does this make sense? No. It is his compulsion.

This is how he gets himself caught. He has this compulsion to stalk his victims, before and after their deaths. The taunting phone calls he makes is part of that stalking compulsion. He can’t help himself. This need to have the most information. This need to be the best sleuther, if you will. He is the best “sleuther” of these cases because it is he who murdered these victims.

The way he puts the information out is sly. He’s not going to flat out say, “Ha! Ha! I know what happened to her because it was MEEEEEEE!” That’s just stupid, and I don’t believe he is stupid. I believe he’s very intelligent. He posts his “theories”. He comments on others’ theories to give facts, but cloaked as his “opinion”. When someone has a theory that is too close for his comfort, he does everything he can to disspell the theory. In this, he flips the “crazy” switch. “Who is this person? What are you doing here? Why would you write that? You don’t know! That’s conspiracy theories!” Whatever means to cause chaos and confusion to draw attention away from the theory that hits too close to home for him.


4 thoughts on “Hidden places…

  1. mmmaisflying says:

    why would he want to put his real name on here. Why dont you tell us who you are your real name

    • mysterymom7 says:

      My real name has been posted all over this blog by a psycho. If someone is going to come here saying he’s John Ray and asking for a response from ME to his questions, then he could kindly give me his name.

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