Hackett FRAMED for MURDER?

Let me take you down the theory of “CPH being framed for murder”.

In this theory, the players involved with SG are JB and MP and we will go with an unknown killer (UK) who would have to have been in the neighborhood approximately 5am on May 1, 2010.

JB- Let’s pretend he is the killer. If he is, he would not be a very smart killer. He would definitely not have pulled off having 4+ other victims he so carefully hid, which would require the killer to be smart to go undetected for so long.

But to play devil’s advocate, that JB is now “framing CPH” for a murder he committed, well… this doesn’t fit at all. I can’t even begin to imagine a scenario that JB killed SG and all the other victims and is trying to frame CPH. So, JB is crossed off my list.

MP-this is tiresome to imagine MP as the killer. I mean, he drove SG to Oak Beach, then drove back with AD to look for her, then tried to file a missing persons report in Suffolk Co (along with JB). If he is the killer, well he is trying to get caught in every damn way imaginable. He had a criminal past of promoting prostitution that he didn’t think twice of when he went back to find SG and the police station to report her missing. Unless he knew CPH, how could he call MG and pretend to BE CPH? CPH has never claimed to know MP prior to SG’s disappearance, so that isn’t plausible. So what would first make MP the killer and then even know the NAME to “frame CPH”? MP gets crossed off my list.

Then there is UK. This person would have to live in the community at the time of SG’s May 1, 2010, run through Oak Beach. The police confirmed that one person who has been accused of trying to “frame CPH” wasn’t even in the country at that time. So it can’t be him. Maybe it was actually a “woman scorned”? CPH’s wife? She says she was home. Did SG run to CPH’s home, and when CPH let SG in to save her, his wife thought he had a prostitute there for sex and in her jealous rage killed SG? Now CPH ‘s WIFE is trying to frame him to get all the money from the sale of the house?


TomTom says:
February 12, 2013 at 12:21 am





Apparently, anyone who opines Charles Peter Hackett is guilty of murder is trying to frame him.

It was easy for him to get people believing that two men from Long Island (Flukeyou and truthspider) could be motivated enough to frame an “innocent” man for murder. How is he going to get people to believe a woman from Florida who has never met the man, never visited Long Island, never visited New York, never visited New Jersey, never been a prostitute, never been convicted of a crime, never done any drugs is trying to frame this man for murders that I committed? Is he out of his damn mind?!
UPDATE: April 13, 2013

Now he’s trying to throw misinformation and twisted truths to point the finger at my husband. If he can’t point the finger at me, then he’ll try with my husband. If my husband were “late for dinner” so many times that it was the first thing I thought of when speaking about his transgressions and there was even an inkling of suspicion in my mind that my husband was anywhere but where he was telling me (if I wasn’t “sleeping next to” him), I would be the FIRST person to say he was a lying sack of shit. Here I am annoyed that a STRANGER is lying, imagine how loud I’d be if it were my husband lying.


13 thoughts on “Hackett FRAMED for MURDER?

  1. LINative13 says:

    I see you have been very busy. In addition to building this blog, you have been stealing alot of my ideas. Going forward please do not mention me, cite me, or even think about me.
    You have alienated alot of people. I always, always, always helped you and gave you the benefit of the doubt. I gave you local knowledge to help you with your research. You turned around and tried to pass it off as your own. You stabbed me in the back. If you really want to help put CPH behind bars you should start by not talking about him. You make the people who want to put this guy away look like nut jobs.
    You blatantly stole my thread title.
    Your “challenged” followers accused me of being GC and CPH fishing buddy? Are you kidding me. First off, I’ve never met them (shows you how credible your friends are) Secondly, I don’t need help filling up my gas tanks. Only jerkoffs buy boats they can’t afford to run themselves. FYI blue marlin fishing is expensive stuff. I suggest you and en passant go get jobs. This way after working for minimum wage for 5 months you both can ALMOST fill my gas tank.
    In conclusion, do not mention me, steal my ideas theories or anything that has to do with me anymore.
    Good luck with your future endauvers.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      First of all, my “challenged followers” are 98% Hackett, and I definitely wouldn’t call any of his sock puppets my “friend”.

      Secondly, do you think I BELIEVED any of what the sock puppets are writing here about you? I’m not stupid or gullible enough for these ramblings to convince me of what I know to be true, you’re a straight up guy.

      Stealing your ideas? Where? My “bat signal” post and the title of this post? Did you just read a screen shot or did you read the post entirely? If you haven’t read it, please do before accepting someone stating that I’m stealing your ideas.

      The title of this post was an open ended question as a thread title on WS. Are you butt hurt that I used a title you gave first? I’m not having a pissing match about who is the “best sleuther”. I could give a fuck less about WHO gave the information as long as it is TRUTH.

      Do people believe I can’t form my OWN OPINIONS based on the facts presented by others, because I didn’t find the information FIRST? Give me a break! If someone has a good idea, I’ve shared that idea, NOT AS MY OWN and I may have added or disregarded some of the idea, which would THEN be MY OWN OPINION.

      I would encourage anyone to VERIFY or DISPUTE the information I’ve presented.

      Don’t worry, though, ps149 cried to admin and had the forum set to private, so I can’t see what’s being written anymore. That just means everything you read in the future here will be MY OWN.


    Cristin I hope some one kills and guts your 3 ugly daughters.

  3. . says:

    Do U Mind if I Am A Slut?

    am thinking about becoming a slut. Everyone thinks I am anyway, so it seems a shame not to live up to the illusion.

    That’s the way it goes when you’re single. You have the option to play the field, so everyone presumes that you are.

    For years my mother has referred to my house as a brothel because I’ve had so many boyfriends. Dad, a.k.a. my local barman, is also vigilant on the topic of my ‘love life’ – no doubt he imagines some illicit rendez-vous with god knows who and banging sex into the bargain.

    While I accept that this presumption says more about him that it does about me, I feel bad letting him down. I admit nothing; give a coy smile instead which gets me out of the embarrassment of having to admit that I have nothing to admit.

    Add to that the fact that I live in a holiday town. Such places attract a feast of summer bodies and sunshine lust. It’s considered almost sacrilegious not to take advantage.

    Of course I’ve indulged but it’s safe to say that the sluttiest times of my life have usually taken place in a relationship.

    Isn’t that one of the life’s little ironies. Generally the word slut is attached to single people when it’s people in relationships who have way more sex or at least have the potential too.

    Isn’t the word ‘slut’ only used by quack people who are jealous of the frisky bastards and bastardettes lucky enough to be getting it on a regular basis? Mean sentiments usually inspire mean words.

    Slut. Such a powerful word; has a regal ring to it, don’t you think?

    Since last month’s ‘slutwalks’ in North America, the word has taken on new meaning. When a Canadian cop let slip that women would be safer on the streets if they didn’t dress like ‘sluts,’ feminists grabbed their placards and strutted out in their lacy underwear reclaiming their right to be a dirty filthy slut whenever the mood struck.

    Of course that’s assuming that there is anything dirty or filthy about being a slut. I have friends who are proud of their sluttiness – mind you, they tend to be my male friends.

    Women, en masse, are still pretty wary of this word. But in this day and age of open relationships, mass divorce and serial monogamy, is the concept even relevant anymore?

    What is a slut exactly?

    Someone who has sex with someone different every night? Someone who unashamedly sleeps with lots of different people? Someone who has no interest in love and just likes to fuck? All of those things?

    Fact is if you ask someone ‘what is a slut?’ they tend to respond with vague answers. ‘Oh her, she’s a whore,’ they say pointing slyly at the one woman in town who does indeed work as a prostitute.

    I know lots of guys with little black books full of fuck-buddies. These guys are straight, so they are phoning women. These are adult men and women who get together purely to enjoy an evening of sex. Are they all sluts?

    While I know there are lots of gals out there who are happy to keep a relationship on a purely shag basis, they generally choose guys they are not totally into; that way they never get emotionally involved. As soon as they meet someone they like, they dump mister fuck-buddy … until he is needed again and assuming he’s available.

    I can applaud people who have this arrangement but it would never work for me. The whole thing sounds too cold and primal for my liking … and I’m not convinced that feelings don’t get hurt or confused along the way.

    Random weekend flings sound like a much better option to me. Although on that front, I could be said to be failing too (depending on your definition of slut).

    In the last few weeks, I’ve bumped into two flirt buddies. One I know years; the other I partied with some months back. One I know in the flesh; the other has revealed nothing … well, almost nothing.

    He did show me his dick at the end of the night but I was drunk by then and past the point of caring so besides the quick cock flash, nothing happened. In fact I knocked them both back. To some, that makes me a dick-tease. Wait. Is that worse than a slut?

    Last week I was reading extracts from Dr. Pamela Stephenson-Connolly’s new book about sex. It’s full of first person ‘sex life’ stories from teenagers right through to people in their 80s.

    They are funny, sad, endearing and revealing. The stories from the OAPs are the most telling. According to them sex drive does not necessarily diminish with age. Rather it’s a circumstantial thing insofar as if your circumstances permit you to have sex, you’re damn well going to do.

    The really sad stories were the ones who said they wish they’d had more sex when they had the chance i.e. when they were younger.

    Imagine being a frail 79-year-old lady weak at the knees and wet in the crotch because you’ve got the hots for the neighbour’s son. But you can’t have him so instead you hobble off down to the hospice. Once there, the sight of colonoscopy bags and bushy nose hair makes you pee your pants.

    Oh God, is that what I’m heading for?

    Think I better quench that thirst before I acquire the zimmerframe.

    Right, what does a good woman have to do to get a decent shag round here?


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