Lattingtown and false reports

A false report has been given by a WS member to lead others to believe these unidentified remains are unrelated to LISK.

The Leader has received unconfirmed reports, and we emphasize that this has not been confirmed by the police, that the skull with a hole in the forehead was detached from the body. The body was placed in a plastic bag and has been buried for more than five years.

The Leader has confirmed that “someone” claiming to have inside information of the investigation that was unsubstatiated. The member, who supposedly rides his bike in the area and believed the killer planted the necklace to throw off police, is who I believe gave The Leader this false information. Why would anyone try to divert the identity of the woman whose remains were found in Lattingtown?

What motivation would one have to post a false report in a forum where people are trying to help identify this murdered woman? Who would want to divert the investigation? Why?

Take NOTHING at face value with this case. NOTHING is as it appears!

ETA: The Leader confirmation of unsubstantiated report. Link updated.


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