The number of comments left on here while I was asleep. The comments are spread over every post I’ve written.

He’s now commenting as other members of WS. The more he comments as others, the more confusion he creates. This is another reason why he spreads out the comments… more confusion.

The more confusion he creates, the more the reader will think “this girl is crazy”. He wants the reader to think I’m crazy so the reader doesn’t really think about the original post. It’s a distraction.

Whether the information I’ve gathered is something I’ve found or something that someone else found is not of any value. I don’t need to take credit for others’ work on this case. I don’t even need to be acknowledged for the work I’ve put into this case. I just want the truth.

The truth points at Charles Peter Hackett. The ONLY person I’ve ever named as LISK. Am I wrong? If what I was writing was wrong, would this attack to make me look “crazy” be happening?

Who would be motivated enough to expose my identity? Who would be motivated to silence me? Who would be making threats against me? Who would be harassing me? Who would be STALKING me? The same man who stalked his victims… Charles Peter Hackett.

Again, he is the ONLY person I’ve named. The sock puppets of his I’ve named are Charles Peter Hackett with his hand in it.

Do I think every alias on WS is Hackett? NO. Do I think he has more than one? Absolutely. Do I have to be right? No. This isn’t about who is right or wrong.

I’ve said before, if I’m wrong, I’m the first to admit it and apologize. Ask Precious Dust or Vito Sarfati if you need confirmation. I was wrong. I corrected my wrong and apologized to both men.

Would I be pulling innocent men into the mix if I’m wrong? No fricken way! I’m not that type of person. I have ample evidence that Hackett is LISK. Now more than ever. He knows. This is why he is trying to drag me down.

I’m dedicated to the TRUTH. That is all.

Do I care if you, the reader, believes me? No. I urge everyone to read the header on this blog. Decide for yourself what is real and what is imagined…


5 thoughts on “44

  1. blumpkin says:

    Cph is a moron. I do believe in “innocent until proven guilty” but after reading webslueths/ lisk.com/ and now this blog for 2+ years it actually is pretty simple to figure out. He either is guilty of murder or just guilty of being a glory hound. He was a half ass doctor and always looked for media attention (using other high profile cases around long island to get involved in) It does seem like he has a lot of time on his hands to post with so many different names on so many forums to either implicate someone else or gain more attention on himself. If I were him I would be studying about the cival case coming up.

  2. Barbara H. says:

    I love giving my man blumpkins…..his peg leg and patchy skin gets the bush down there burning!!!!

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