Guess he didn’t know…

I guess that when Charles Peter Hackett decided to stalk and harass me online, he didn’t realize I have limits. He pressed the wrong button when he exposed my identity, and more importantly, my family’s identity. Does that now make me “obsessed” with exposing Charles Peter Hackett, serial killer? Damn right it does! If he could control his own need for control, I could have and maybe would have walked away, leaving him free to kill again and continue to get away with his past murders. But, he pushed the wrong button of mine.

He called me a liar. That’s right. That was my button. That was all it took for him to light a fire under my ass and show his real, dark side. I will expose EVERY murder that I can find he may be responsible for. I will do so with pride. He may continue to press my buttons, but it won’t stop me now. There’s evidence. He’s left a trail. He doesn’t have the first clue of the trail of his I see, but I do see it.

Charles Peter Hackett, I don’t have to have met you in person to “know” exactly who you are. You did this to yourself. You have been a free man for far too long. Don’t worry, though, I will give the proper authorities the information needed to prosecute you.
You could have sent me packing, but now I’ll be sending you packing. You don’t need to pack much since you can’t bring anything with you into a jail cell.


29 thoughts on “Guess he didn’t know…

  1. A Voice of Reason says:

    Hi there.
    Just found your blog.
    You put a lot of work into this.
    Question for ya;

    What are you going to do if you wroing and Charles Peter Hackett formerly of Oak Beach NY is an innocent man?

    Will you be get any sleep at night if someone teaches you how alot of the stuff you have been writing here on your blog are vicious LIES?

    Just saying.

    I know a thing or two that would make your head spin and change your mind and feel sorry how you lied so much about Charles Peter Hackett.

    Whatcha gonna do if you find out how you’ve been painting a picture of yourself as a cruel LIAR?

  2. linda says:

    or out

  3. linda says:

    Not for nothing your fucking crazy too..if thats her real name your going too getting outta here..

  4. linda says:

    PS149..your fucking sooo freaking crazy too..your gonna end up in jail…hypocrit…wow…this site is whacked..later

  5. Flukeyou says:

    You forgot to change ur screename again before you posted doc. Please refrain from posting as FLUKEYOU. I love my life and everything about it….The only thing that will make it better is when you’re finally in cuffs. You’re wife’s as fucked up as you, but don’t you feel bad for what you’re dragging you’re daughters through?? Not to mention Charlie but we both know he’s way past saving, he’ll probably put a bullet in his head when this is all over…that right he’s a Hackett which is synonymous with coward so he won’t have the balls to pull the trigger even though he’ll want to escape the hell of being the lisk’s son. So cute that you and the daughter went for gun licensees together in 2010. Better change that adress though, lying about you’re residence for a pistol permit can get you in big trouble

  6. Flukeyou says:

    We fled long beach/pt lookout area after several medical malpractice lawsuits and the locals figuring out my hubby was a liar…. It was so embarrassing. We had charle’s dad buy the house cause we had the whole bankruptcy case going on. We even made up a story about how the doc lost his leg and we decided to change his name by having him go by his middle one….this was before the Internet and it was amazing how easy it was and how gullible the people from oak beach were….they bought our story hook line and sinker. My Montana cowboy even let me on the OIBA board, it only cost me two pony rides a week. We had it all going on, Pete was pandering his medical services out of our home, selling some scripts here and there but his demons were building, he got in to deep with M Newman and the whole things been spiraling out of control since. Lisa if you’re reading this I’m sorry about the listing but heartbreaking the plan to eliminate ur bastard husband didnt result in a better payday for you and the kids. At least doc got the truck

  7. Flukeyou says:


  8. Tom C. says:

    CPH’s Daughter’s got a tight little ass….had some good times recently right on the beach where i saw SG’s wet footprints. Finding wetspots is my specialty, have you seen my wife??? I use to roll her around in a pile of flour and look for the wetspot, then close my eyes and picture the babysitter….thx god my wife got he snaggle tooth fixed!!!

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