Whacky: absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational.

Irrational: not rational: as (1): not endowed with reason or understanding (2): lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence.

Murdering another human being: whacky.
Dismembering another human being: whacky.
Dumping bodies of human beings as if they were trash: whacky.
Taunting the families of his murdered victims: whacky.
Stalking his victims: whacky.
Using fake online identities to manipulate the investigation: whacky.
Exposing the true identity of a woman in Florida with absolutely zero connection to the case (other than pure compassion for the victims and their families and a want for justice for them): whacky.
Continuously harassing the woman in Florida on a forum she cannot defend herself any longer: whacky.
Claiming a woman who was arrested during a domestic violence situation in Florida is a dangerous person: whacky.
Making false accusations about this woman writing a book, being into BDSM, writing a screen play, being the girlfriend of the “drifter”, etc.: whacky.
Using this woman’s online alias to pose as if I were writing these comments: whacky.

Who would go through all this trouble? A whacky individual who I’ve named as Charles Peter Hackett. The only name this woman in Florida, the online alias mysterymom7, the person Cristin Kennedy Borders, ME, MYSELF, and I have named as a serial killer… as LISK… as the Long Island Serial Killer… is CHARLES PETER HACKETT.


2 thoughts on ““Whacky”?

  1. Flukeyou says:

    Whacky = Tom Canning lying for cph and thinking he’s going to get away with it!!!! Where did Tom’s son Justin see SG’s wet footprints???? Its sad that the oak beach community has done nothing to help the victims families and a even worse has harbored a group that has lied and mislead the police during this entire investigation…

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