>©©< Bat signal

I wanted to quote my “internet buddy”,

For the Record
I am not related in any fashion to anyone directly affected by this case (victims, suspects, etc). I am NOT participating in the creation or perpetuating any kind of literatire related to this case (with the exception of websleuths).

I am involved with this case for one main reason. Someone is killing/dumping prostitutes within a 15 miles radious of my home. My concern is primarily catching the person(s) responsible andincarecerating the person before they DO kill someone I know who may or may nor be involved with prostitution. Secondly, justice for the victims. Thirdly, the kicking around of theories is fun to me. That is it.

I do not plan to profit in anyway from the outcome, or ongoing parts of this investigation.

If anyone wants to copy a post of mine….this is the most important one.

Miss your humor, Native! You come back and I got booted. My hunch got me banned. So you know it’s me… “Even the girls online like you.” And another… “Beer. On the TRAIN?!” 😉

Don’t believe any of this crap about me writing books and… Screen play now, too? Me into BDSM? Lmao! My husband thought that was funny, too.

Anything not written with my gravatar next to mysterymom7 is NOT me. 😉

-edited to change quote 2/7/13


5 thoughts on “>©©< Bat signal

  1. Flukeyou says:

    @CRAZYTRAIN —- Maybe you’re not getting the point, mysterymom is well liked by many and will not go away until the LISK (CPH) is in cuffs…why are you attacking an innocent young woman for spreading the truth??? CPH=LISK, LIAR…..this is a fact!

    • A Voice of Reason says:

      Wait you are an imposter Flukeyou. I just realized that you aren’t Joey but you are Cristen Kennedy posting under Joey’s screename. OMG.

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