Vito W Sarfati

I’d like to pose a serious question to Vito. Did you write Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter? If so, why would you basically implicate yourself as a potential suspect?

If you did write it, I apologize for my negative comments about the book. I still stand by my opinion that the content was disturbing. Kudos to you if you’ve changed your ways.

If you did write it, do you have any idea why ps149 would try to take credit for writing it? Any idea why ps149 would post a picture of “alphamale” saying he was the “drifter” (therefore claiming you, the author, is that man)? Do you know ps149? If not, do you have an idea who ps149 may be?

I ask this because it’s seemed to me that whoever tipped the police off to the “drifter” has been setting him up to be his fall guy. Do I think this “drifter” killed SG or is LISK? No. As far as anyone knows, he wasn’t even there when SG was. So why write in that you were?

Precious Dust and fieldnotes on WS both claim to know the true identity of the “drifter”. I believe BOTH those aliases belong to ps149. Did you ever have a phone conversation with either of those aliases or email contact? If so, I think he not only has it out for me, but does for you. He’s not trying to pin a murder on me, though.

After Vito’s answers to my questions (thank you for your honesty, Vito!), I now understand the answer to my questions about why ps149 would try to take credit for this book. Ps149 was aware of the fact that I seriously believed it was CPH posting on WS using ps149. I had sent private messages to several members, including admin, who then requested I send an email to In hindsight, I believe this was an email set up by ps149 to gain access to members’ personal email addresses who didn’t have them set up on WS to receive personal emails. That was the initial access to my real name.

He had a strong idea that I would believe that CPH wrote the book if ps149 defended the comments I made… because I believed ps149 was CPH. He turned the table on ME being the author since I’m from Central Florida, what was written on my public WS profile. To validate the claim that the “drifter” was the author, Precious Dust and fieldnotes stepped in. I was relentless in my belief that CPH was the author based on ps149 coming to the defence of the book.

More questions for Vito: did you ever speak to a NY Post or Times reporter who got your real name?


35 thoughts on “Vito W Sarfati

  1. Vito W Sarfati says:

    Yes I am the author of the book. Implicate myself? No. I was simply stating a fact that I was far from Beaver Cleaver back in the day. I wanted to be as honest as possible about my life before people in my past started coming forward, revealing some of the inexplicable things I’ve done. I’m proud to say I’m no longer that person and I’m thankful for that. I don’t believe I know ps149 and I’m not aware that this person is claiming to be me. Do I think it’s CPH? No. I’m pretty sure I’ve had internet contact with precious dust because I recognize the writing style. Please don’t ask me who PD is because that’s not my style. IMO, it was JB who told the police I was at the house that night.

    • Vito W Sarfati says:

      Oh one last thing. Where in the book is it written that I was there that night? I actually vehemently deny being there.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Precious Dust is supposed to be code for a man named Feingold. I know this. I just don’t believe the ALIAS Precious Dust is really Feingold on the forum.

    • steamer says:

      Vito I downloaded your book and totally enjoyed it. I related to many of your stories since growing up in the same area and pretty much being around the same type of people. When I got towards the end of the book I was actually happy for you that you changed your life around and left for a fresh start. I just hope one day I can cut the chains off which tie me here and do the same.

  2. Lisa Ann says:

    you are sure Ps149 is precious dust and fieldnotes too?

    IF SO THEN PS149’s initials are JJ.

    HE has a girlfrie.d who is a photagraphet

    • Vito W Sarfati says:

      I would have to agree with you on that Lisa.

      • Lisa Ann says:

        Yes I know him & suspected he had sockpuppets to hide his identity when posting on these forums. JJ has injected himself into this case. He has attended one or more vigils. He does drink often. I like him. if drinking clouded judgment God have mercy. One thing certain now is ps149/jj/PRECIOUS DUST aint’t CPH.

  3. Vito W Sarfati says:

    Don’t know about JJs drinking habits but I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to him over the phone, very nice guy. I believe that he most certainly is Fieldnotes and poses to be no one other than Fieldnotes.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      The “JJ Fieldnotes” is puportedly a man whose name is NOT Jim Jones. You may have spoken with a Jim Jones, but Jim Jones is NOT the name of the man who went to CPH’s home with MG.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        My concern for you, Vito, is not your true identity. I honestly don’t have a need or reason to know. My concern is that SOMEONE is trying to place you at JB’s that night. Not only is he trying to place this “drifter” (you) at JB’s, because he DIDN’T know your real name (JB knew your name and gave it to the PD when someone ELSE said to LE, “That’s the drifter who was at JB’s.”), he also planted “time out” dolls (not the same ones you collected because he didn’t know there was a difference) at the site where the victims’ crosses were placed… to FURTHER implicate YOU.

    • Vito W Sarfati says:

      The name is Harry Feingold and he is deceased. There have been rumors of him being the LISK but that’s all they are, rumors. Though there may be some pretty interesting evidence that could possibly link him to all this, it’s still just rumors. Precious Dust does seem to know a lot about HF, things that I nor other people who knew him didn’t know.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I didn’t know he was deceased. Well, whoever is using Precious Dust is using a dead man’s identity (obviously knowing Feingold’s history, and/or elaborating on lies or twisting the truth), to point the finger… at a DEAD MAN who can’t defend himself. This was the same thing done with the other JB who committed suicide. Ps149 posted a picture of, yet, ANOTHER dead man to fit the LISK mold.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        It was ps149 who directed the members of WS to look at your book. He said he didn’t believe it was written by the “drifter”. He said that it casts doubt on CPH as being responsible for SG’s murder.

      • Vito W Sarfati says:

        I honestly don’t think someone is trying to set me up, maybe just using me as a diversion. SCPD knows I wasn’t there that night and that’s all that matters. I still think JB told them I was there because I never met CPH nor MP. Who else could’ve named me?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I don’t deny that it was most likely JB who gave your name, but someone first called you a “drifter” because he didn’t know your name, just that you frequently stayed at JB’s.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        and whoever gave your name to the reporter didn’t know your name either and called you the drifter.

  4. Vito W Sarfati says:

    Interesting stuff…After the Post manipulated my mothers words by making it seem like I was on the run, I never got back to the many calls I received from various people from the media. Reporters come in the guise of a “friend” and then edit what you say to better their story.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Was your mother’s phone number listed at the time?

      • Vito W Sarfati says:

        Not sure how they got to her but they were relentless… They even knocked on my ex in-laws door for info.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I don’t think he had your name until AFTER JB gave the SCPD your name. When he first tipped the reporter (with the same info he gave police), the “drifter” was mentioned. When he found out your name, he came across your mom’s number and called as a “reporter”. He then gave that info as a “tip” to the REAL reporter. Or, he gave the reporter her number?

  5. Vito W Sarfati says:

    I’m not sure about your theory. I feel they named me the drifter because they knew they could get their ass sued if it turned out they were wrong about me being there. After all, that’s a pretty serious allegation.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      But he DIDN’T name you. All he had to say to SCPD is, “I’ve seen this one guy at JB’s around that time. I don’t know if he was there or not, but you guys should look into him.” (Because I don’t want you looking into ME anymore.) You know how the SCPD describes that? COOPERATING IN THE INVESTIGATION.

      • Vito W Sarfati says:

        Well the strange thing is, not one police official contacted me about any of this.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Well that IS strange! Wouldn’t they contact you if a “witness” says you were there that night? I’m not trying to be mean, because this whole friggin case is strange and unbelievable and elaborate. If I were you, I’d be asking around how the frig your name was brought up to police. Didn’t the police say they confirmed with you that you weren’t there?

  6. Rather Not Say My Name says:

    IF MM7 actually investigated this case instead of stealing and borrowing everyone else’s theories she would know that It has been proven by someone on how the NY Post Reporter who contacted your mom was from the Middle East and the term “drifter” in his upbringing only means someone who is a non-family member who was a house guest and not a full-time resident. It was all an innocent language barrier thing. That member on WS.COM contacted the reporter and confirmed with him that there was no other meaning for his use of the name “Drifter”. He published the story and the meda storm took a liking to the mysterious aura that the name “drifter” implies.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      You mean the confirmation from PRECIOUS DUST? That’s not confirmation.

    • Vito W Sarfati says:

      I was never a house guest at JBs. I moved there with every intention on staying long term. It was when things began to get crazy in my life, that I decided to get the hell out of there. No one ever confirmed I wasn’t at the house that night that’s why I’m still seen as a POI.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Ok, now I understand why you wrote the book. You laid out your drawers. Gotcha! Have you spoken with JB since all this? Ever ask him who he gave your name to. He may have done it unintentionally?

  7. Vito W Sarfati says:

    After the story of the skeletons being found and SG being among the missing, JB and I haven’t had contact until last May, May 1st to be exact. He denies ever telling the police I was at the house the night SG vanished.

  8. Vito W Sarfati says:

    One more thing I would like to point out. If you look at the first line in my book you’ll notice that I wrote the book before the bodies were found. It was just a coincidence that all this happened while the book was being written. I take offense when people claim I cashed in on these unfortunate events. The people who know me well know that “cashing in” on all this was far from my plan.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      In my own defense, I read it with scrutiny that you were CPH. I was obviously wrong. Now that my belief has changed and you’ve been honest, helpful, up front and respectful to me here… It is not my opinion you wrote this with malice. I see where you’re coming from now.

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