A tell all?

Is Frank Vespe a real screenwriter? Yes. Is he the author of THIS screen play? No friggen way! I PRAY that the REAL Frank Vespe reads this and sues the shit out of the author! This is the most horrifying, disgusting piece of work I’ve ever had the unfortune to read. This is far worse than Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter. Excerpts from CPH’s tell all screenplay taken from Book of Sluts: Confessions of the Gilgo Killer (Walter is CPH, Eddie is CPH’s father):









14 thoughts on “A tell all?

  1. Vito W Sarfati says:

    The idea was original but the screenplay is weak and redundantly crude. I was however, impressed with his description of the OBI and it’s surroundings, it was a nice stroll down memory lane for me. I felt the twist at the end was the high point of the entire screenplay.

  2. Vito W Sarfati says:

    Exactly… Everyone has a past so let’s not be so quick to judge… Sounds like someone has it in for you. Will you be changing your screen name now that your not a mystery anymore?

  3. Lisa Ann says:

    Truth might be coming out.

    Battery assault because you cuaght your man using young prostitutes?


    how violent are you?

  4. Frank Vespe says:

    Hi LISK-
    Never thought my story would make it anywhere, not to mention talked about here.
    There are two places in the Gilgo Beach area that are never brought up when it comes to these horrific murders: Captree Marina, a well-known fishing marina very close and the former controversial nightclub Oak Beach Inn, and so, I thought bringing these to light might help. So sorry anyone found my story offensive, it’s only fiction.
    Frank Vespe

  5. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    MM7 writes: “Charges were dropped.” If charges were dropped why haven’t you corrected the mugshot & arrest info that is still legally visible online for the past 5 years since the arrest? The options are available on the various sites to “un-publish” the mugshot & arrest info if proof can be provided by you the disposition of the charges is other than what is posted to the site online. I certainly would have done that asap once charges were dropped.

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