Lamb Chops Part Deux

I was going to come up with something clever to say first, but now that I’ve been away from WS for some time, it’s given me some perspective and clarity I didn’t have being immersed in it. So I’m just going to skip being clever and lay it all out.


ps149– the first alias I was aware of. It became clear to me with this post (his comment is the quoted text in the image):


He continued to lead me to believe he was CPH with this post:
Why would ps149 get upset about anyone mentioning CPH’s mother’s name?

Here is another example of ps149 having the answers to questions about CPH:

mcme– I had suspicions of mcme as a CPH alias, but it was a fuzzy suspicion at first. Here is an example of one of MANY comments mcme made answering for CPH:


mcme claimed to know CPH personally

fieldnotes– aka jjfieldnotes. This was not a clear connection until today. I’m actually rather pissed at myself for letting him dupe me like he did. Sure, there were flags, but did I think CPH had gone to such lengths so early in the investigation? Absolutely not. Could he be so bold? Nah. Could he be so conniving? No way. How is it that fieldnotes is THE ONLY person to interview CPH? Some random blogger is going to get the first exclusive interview from CPH? No friggen way! This was CPH’s finest plant. Fieldnotes actually handed over the information about CPH’s father’s book that truthspider dissected with a fine-toothed comb. The very information that led me to believe that CPH, and CPH alone is LISK. He also had an exclusive interview with Gus Coletti. When Gus is asked about CPH, fieldnotes says that Gus said he wished he was his next door neighbor. ???

The cincher here, it was when I messaged fieldnotes that I believed CPH was the author of the Confessions book and that he was posting on WS as ps149 that I was banned from WS for “sleuthing members” and “spreading rumors”. How I didn’t see this connection until today? Well, that brings me to the next sock puppet…

Dear mysterymom7,

You have received a new private message at Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community from fieldnotes, entitled “Re: screen shot”.

To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

This is the message that was sent: ***************

—Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)——Quote (Originally by fieldnotes)——Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)——Quote (Originally by fieldnotes)——Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)——Quote (Originally by fieldnotes)——Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)——Quote (Originally by fieldnotes)——Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)——Quote (Originally by fieldnotes)——Quote (Originally by mysterymom7)—Image:

I had said, “Hey, ps149, your father’s work of fiction is far superior than yours. IMHO.”

I had said, “I would never attach my name to something that sounds to be written by an under-educated man.”
—End Quote mysterymom7—

I think he’s anti the whole Hackett Conspiracy in general. And again I don’t see Hackett as anything but a red herring but that’s just me. 🙂
—End Quote fieldnotes—

Yeah I mean CPH didn’t write that book I’m personally sure of it. PS 149 may be CPH or someone close to him. Wouldn’t blame if he was. He’s a red herring in my book. Again just MOHO.
—End Quote fieldnotes—

I had said that CPH had lost his license to practice medicine, although I later found out I was wrong about that.
—End Quote mysterymom7—-

Do you think it’s possible CPH told the drifter he would cut him a piece of the book sales to say he wrote it?
—End Quote mysterymom7—

Not a chance. Prob cost more to publish than will make in book sales.
—End Quote fieldnotes—

Any idea why ps149/Hackett would be offended that I was attacking his lack of skills as an author?

If it costs more to publish, is your opinion that the drifter even had the funds to self publish? There’s a language analyst on the threads here that said it’s not consistent with being written by a Puerto Rican Jew.
—End Quote mysterymom7—

I dont know.
—End Quote fieldnotes—

There’s many other reasons why I believe ps149 is CPH. I have a TON of screen shots to support my theory. This ps149 even states he thought it was convenient that the book’s release was in line with the lawsuit on CPH. He also stated he didn’t believe that it was written by the drifter. I know CPH has a propensity to insert himself in the mix of things, but it’s awfully convenient… a little TOO convenient. He also said the W stood for “Websleuther”. If you’d like to see all the screen shots, I’d be more than happy to share.

He’s been stalking me around WS and did in the LISK chat room because I’m the one who started the petition and did the FOIL request. He wants me to stop. —End Quote mysterymom7—

No Im good on the screen shots. I appreciate your passion though.
—End Quote fieldnotes—

Thanks. If you change your mind, just let me know. I’ve been talked about badly by one member of WS who I “met” from MG’s FB group. She’s on a campaign to smear my name through the mud. That’s not why I came to this case. I’ve gotten deep in it and it’s too late to go back. So I will push through to see justice for these victims.
—End Quote mysterymom7—

Ok. I gotya
—End Quote fieldnotes—

[Edit- 2/4/13- I no longer believe the following to be true.]
Precious Dust– aka fine gold aka Feingold. Feingold is yet another person of interest in the minds of some of the websleuthers. Good ol’ websleuthers… handing CPH name after name after name of people to fit into the mold of LISK. It wasn’t just people on WS, had their share of people giving TMI and sooooo many sock puppets. Perfect place for LISK CPH to lurk. It is because of Precious Dust that triggered my memory of the night I was banned from WS which enlightened me to fieldnotes being a sock puppet. Behind the scenes (aka in a PM), Precious Dust had told me it was HE who had the email address of the guy from the NY Post who interviewed the “drifter”. He gave me the email address of the NY Post reporter sock puppet. I sent the NY Post reporter sock puppet an email asking if he was SURE that it was the drifter he interviewed who was the author of the Confessions book. I never received an email back from the NY Post reporter sock puppet, but even more interesting… immediately after I sent the email to the NY Post reporter, Precious Dust PM’d me on WS and said, “Wow! That was fast!” I questioned how he would know I had sent the email. He claimed to be talking to the guy in an IM. The kicker: I used my personal email address to send the email, with my REAL NAME attached to it. The same night, I went into the LISK chat room under MY alias (mysterymom7) and someone came on using my REAL NAME as an alias. You got me good, Precious Dust CPH!
[Edit- end- 2/4/12]
(Please check back for screen shots.)

MoonUnderfoot– latest sock puppet. This is a woman, supposedly a “working girl” on Long Island. She somehow stumbled upon WS because her Bat Signal went off ps149 wished a “working girl” would magically appear come on WS to lick his taint confirm that regular “hobbiests” (the code name johns use on web forums) would rather “make love, not war”. Well, go fucking figure that just the person he wished for appeared to confirm that is the case. Of COURSE ps149 would want the members of websleuths to stop trolling where he began his use of sock puppets to talk about the very women he murdered. (I have 3 names already linked to UG that I will reveal in a later post.) It was CPH’s practice forum.

zurcaram– claims to frequently ride his bike down Sheep Lane in Lattingtown, NY. He joined the forum to… ? Well, your guess is as good as mine. It’s just another person giving information veering the members in the direction he wants. Interestingly, Sheep Lane ends at a road named OAK neck BEACH ROAD. Hmmm… coincidence?


34 thoughts on “Lamb Chops Part Deux

  1. FNs doesn’t sound a thing like PS149 who doesn’t sound a thing like Moon who doesn’t sound a thing like PD! I mean…you can kinda tell by speech patterns and they just don’t seem alike IMHO. As much as I respect you and your sleuthing abilities…I think you MIGHT be wrong @ all these people being CPH!

  2. Don’t get me wrong. These forums give off the distinct odor of dirty socks…but I just don’t / can’t suspend my better judgement and think that “everybody” is CPH!

  3. Think @ it…MG met FNs…right? So he exists and he is not CPH.

  4. mysterymom7 says:

    I do hope the REAL truthspider gets my bat signal! He knows far more about CPH than I.

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