Author? Drifter? W? Vito? CPH? Fall guy?

None of the above? All of the above?

I read the beginning, some of the middle, and the end of Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter. The beginning was not terribly written, but the content I found disturbing. Why would anyone connected in any way to this case admit to having pushed his grandmother down a flight of stairs and of raping a woman with a beer bottle? I understand the word “confession”, but when this case is associated with a serial killer, the author leaves himself open for serious scrutiny.

The author describes a scene that could possibly explain what happened to Shannan on May 1, 2010, when she was last seen alive. The author casts doubt on CPH being responsible for Shannan’s murder. The author sets the scene for this unnamed drifter to be his fall guy.

Why would the author claim to be the unnamed drifter? It doesn’t make logical sense. You see, the real drifter has been identified and questioned by police. He wasn’t at Brewer’s the night Shannan was. It was a witness who claimed to police in December 2010 that there was a drifter at Brewer’s that night. The author used the pen name “W”.

CPH was likely aware of the fact that there was a particular man who regularly stayed with Brewer. CPH likely saw this man, but didn’t know his name. So when police came to question him in December 2010, he started his campaign against his fall guy, this drifter. When police came back to speak with CPH, he was able to get the drifter’s true identity. “What happened with that drifter who was at Brewer’s? Ever find out who he is?”

Just like CPH vetted his victims, he vetted this drifter. He painted a picture of the real man’s life to place responsibility for Shannan’s death on the drifter’s shoulders, therefore taking the heat off CPH’s shoulders. From December 2010 to the book’s publication in October 2012, CPH set his story line for his fall guy.

Who is the real drifter? Because he wasn’t at Brewer’s on May 1, 2010, we may never know for sure. But I seriously doubt that the author and the real drifter are one in the same.


ps149 says what motivation the author had


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