Emotion = foolish ?

This is an interesting equation to me.

This subject has come up many times during this case. If you have a passionate viewpoint (even if that view is based on facts, not emotion) you are labeled “emotional” or “foolish”.

I become passionate when trying to get the facts, as I know them, across to others who may think they know better. Maybe it’s a character flaw of mine? I go so far as questioning a doctor’s say so, because they are only human and can make mistakes.

I will always be my own strongest advocate because I educate myself when I don’t know something.

Does this make me emotional? Maybe? I like to call it logical and rational. I guess passion is an emotion, so I suppose I must also be emotional.



3 thoughts on “Emotion = foolish ?

  1. I don’t think being passionate about finding the truth is a weakness nor do I think having empathy for vitims and their familes is foolish. I think some people need to as Mountain Kat at websleuths says, step away from it sometimes if it’s really bothering us and affecting our lives.

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