Who is ps149?

When ps149 joined Websleuths, he came on strong, like a bat out of hell. Who is this guy? What’s his problem with me? Why does he keep commenting on MY posts?

It was personal to him. The comments he made to me were personal.

From my very first post on that forum August 2012, I was vocal of the suspect I had in mind, CPH. He was the suspect of several members as well as numerous aliases on longislandserialkiller.com. The case was just shy of 2 years when ps149 joined. (2.5 years if you add SG’s disappearance into the mix.) So why was he up in arms with me?

If I continued my quest for the answers, would it reveal something that would point the finger at CPH? Would it reveal the lies he’s given to police and/or the public? Would it put him in jail for murder? Would we find out he was the LISK?

While ps149 was following my comments on Websleuths, I was paying close attention to the words he chose. I made note when he took personal offense to negative comments I directed towards CPH.

It was when the subject of the book Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter came up that I was convinced that ps149 was an alias that CPH was using on Websleuths.


15 thoughts on “Who is ps149?

  1. zero says:

    MM7… this is the part that got me wondering as well, your theories are not so far fetched… From the first moment I heard about the doctor, I thought he was involved in this mess to a much higher degree. I mean he called and put himself into the investigation for no apearent reason (unless it’s some sick game for him , which in itself does not mean he is involved maybe just a mental case who wants attention, or he wants to know what everyone involved is thinking and saying and pursuing) So why then is ps149 and others (sockpuppets, lol) so bent on you not discusing your ideas. Why do they result to name calling and bulling etc. CPH or any other of the players who might be reading this I have a message for you… the Truth is always there no matter how it is hidden. And aventually people see it.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Just like his phone call to MG, these “sock puppets” are the same thing. He puts himself in the middle. He gives the “truth” he wants everyone to believe and “dispels rumors” when, in actuality, is truth. Just like CPH commented here that he doesn’t drive a GMC Yukon Denali. It’s a verifiable FACT. Why lie about something so trivial?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Btw, did you come across my blog through WS or LISK.com? Or was it through Google search? I only ask out of curiosity, not that I think you’re another CPH sock puppet. 😉 You sound far too intelligent and level headed to be CPH. 🙂

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