What else can I do?

I sat on my tablet reading for a few weeks discussions and arguments of who LISK is, who his victims were, and debates that turned personal. It frustrated me. I call myself a “doer”, and repeatedly arguing the same conversation a different way irritated me beyond belief. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

September 29, 2012, I started a petition. I had come across Mari Gilbert’s Facebook page and sent her a message about the petition. During our conversation, she invited me to a private Facebook group, where I shared the petition with the group members.

I’m not sure if she was upset about the petition, but she thought I should have asked for her permission before publishing the petition. I didn’t create it to cause harm or for my own benefit, so I was optimistic about the forward direction the case could go with the petition.

The same day, I sent a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request to the SCPD. I requested information on SG’s case, including: her 23 minute 911 call, the 911 calls made by Gus Coletti and Barbara Brennan, list of any items received from any executed search warrants, and police reports and supplemental reports as a result of the May 1, 2010 incident.

I had spent the previous 3 days researching the NY FOIL laws and the process that I would need to take. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t asking for something that couldn’t be done legally so I wasn’t wasting my time.

Hours of researching the laws, case law, and opinion letters from the COOG (Committee on Open Government), I concluded I was making a reasonable request based on the law. I studied that many requests included the need for an appeal to the administration that is in place to answer the FOIL requests. A number of cases were brought to the Supreme Court under Article 78, and some were finally resolved after an appeal to the Supreme Court. At some point in my life, I’ve heard or read intelligent and successful lawyers say that they try a case looking towards an appeal. I took that information seriously when doing my research and writing my request and eventual appeal.

I was denied by SCPD, and denied by the Suffolk County State Attorney’s office and received my final answer (before an Article 78 could be filed) on November 23, 2012.

The following day, a new member joined the forum. His first post was an explanation of the market value of CPH’s home. My initial thought was this person was in real estate.

It was this post and this post that I believed this person, ps149, had some personal reason for stopping me in my tracks.

The only person who had real motive was CPH. Was ps149 on the message board trying to turn the direction of any investigation of CPH?


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