The Dreaded Book

Who knew me being accused of writing a book would cause such a riot? I’ve actually been published before, so I’m technically an author. It was just a 500 word article I wrote in 2009. It wasn’t a major publication and I was never compensated for it.

For a week, I had been hearing a rumor that I was writing a book about the LISK case. I heard this rumor from multiple sources. This was a major rumor that spearheaded my being blocked by MG.

I couldn’t understand where the rumor was coming from. I had written an article about the case to have published in the paper in Ft. Myers, but it never panned out. I had shared the article with Susie.

I’m still not entirely sure what Susie’s motivation for spreading these false rumors about me were. At this point, after some reflection, she may have personally known CPH or his wife and was trying to protect them, but that’s only my best guess.

After a week of these rumors, ps149 posted a link to Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter. He made sure to point out that the “drifter” author was currently living in Central Florida (where my Websleuths profile said I was from). The “drifter” has never been named in the media, and the author went with the pen name, “W”. The name of the narrator in the book is “Vito Sarfati”.

So many aliases being used. Something wasn’t making sense, though. The author claimed that he MAY have been involved with SG’s murder, but he wasn’t sure if it was a dream or drug-induced hallucination. Why would you claim to have raped and abused women since childhood for the first 3/4 of the book and then say you MAY have murdered SG after two years of never being named in the media?

The claim of there being a “drifter” at Brewer’s the night SG was there came from a “witness” (according to police) after the first 4 victims were found. W= Witness?

There is a Master Vito and Master Damian (name used to describe a well known drug dealer in the book) who are prominent in the BDSM scene on Long Island and Manhattan.

ps149 posted:


Websleuths ps149 comments

He added this picture to the post on the bottom:




29 thoughts on “The Dreaded Book

  1. Look at this website for the book- I do see that it says in black-and-white “W currently resides in central Florida”. ARE YOU THE DRIFTER?

  2. Mandamus Seven says:

    Central Florida is a very large area. Spread out. Large population. Spanning from Tampa, Ocala, Gainsville over to Daytona Beach/St. Augustine. Not to mention Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in the country being that Disney World and countless attractions are in the area. Is this your only reason for thinking that MysteryMom7 is the drifter? If so, that is pretty weak.

  3. Vito W Sarfati says:

    Haven’t most of you found this subject matter extremley tedious? It’s one preposterous theory after the next although I do admire all of your painstaking persistence in this unfortunate convoluted LISK case. I received many disturbing messages via my books FB page last night concerning this case which was conveniently deleted by the poster. I was able to save most of these posts and are having them reviewed by a more than capable person. Upon viewng these very plausible posts, we will decide if it is worthy of the eyes of LE.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Interesting. Who is mad about your book?

      • Vito W Sarfati says:

        This person, who i’m not at liberty to reveal as of yet, is not mad about the book. The poster of the over 25 comments, wrote some astonishing revelations pertaining to the LISK case which includes names, times, dates and a strong possible connection to the actual killer. The only statement that I have a problem with, is the fact that this person insists that I was at JB house the night SG disappeared.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        It’s my belief that CPH has set up this “drifter” to be his fall guy… Only beginning when GB4 were found.

        ps149 posted a picture on WS, with the caption, “This is a picture of the drifter.” I’ll be sure to edit the post to share the comment.

      • I never grow weary of finding justice for these victims. I have always kept an open mind @ who it might be. Can you at least share some of the info wothout revealing any names? Initials work. ; )

  4. Vito W Sarfati says:

    As of now I would rather not reveal the initials but if I did you would blow a gasket. It closely resembles someone related to the case. Is It a coincidence? Maybe. What I will say is that they claim they are very close to the killer.

  5. My question would be, how does this poster know what the dude that hung out at JBs house and strip clubs look like? Was he there? Is he IN that crowd?

    • Vito W Sarfati says:

      I never said it was a he. The person has knowledge of JB, MP and one other player whom I never heard of. I don’t know this person. The person also wrote graphically about the circumstances surrounding the the demise of ALC. This person also mentions being abused by this so-called killer and has much disdain for him and the people who were at JBs house that night.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Well, ps149 claimed to know what the “drifter” looked like… sooo… How is that?

      • @Vito Sorry my question was @the poster ps149 I should’ve made that clear. Thank you for that little bit of info however, it’s got me thinking. I’m sure to have more questions. Tonight however…it’s lights out for me! Good NIGHT all! It’s been real!

  6. Vito W Sarfati says:

    And who is PS149 again?

  7. Vito W Sarfati says:

    My pleasure… Good night Justice.

  8. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    I’m going to refer to MM7 as impostor MM7 to differentiate you from the writer of this blog, the true MM7.

    Where do you come up with your remarks? I had to scroll back a few times to see what in the world you were responding to & found nothing remotely related.

    First it’s the sex talk for one in puberty with raging hormones. And now, cannibalism? What say you? Are you competing with C Peter Hackett for attention? SMH

  9. zero says:

    My only problem with all this is that anyone can pretend to be anyone in cyberspace… and if the real LISK is among all these posts helping add to this confussion it would be hard to tell due to all the other crazies out there playing. Some TRUTH is what we need.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Agreed! My intention on this blog is to get others questioning what they may believe is truth based on all these aliases’ comments. There is truth among the lies, but it needs to be checked and double checked. I’ve gone back and checked into things I believed as truth in this case, only to find it was misinformation, misdirection, and a ploy to point away from the truth.

  10. LogicalPsycho says:


    Has anything ever transpired regarding the messages that were left on your Facebook page???

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