No “sleuthing” members

A major rule on WS is that you are restricted from “sleuthing” other members.

For a few weeks, ps149 was calling me a liar, and that I was spreading rumors and had pointed out on the forum where I live. In my attempt to push his buttons, my posts were flagged, and I was accused of “sleuthing another member” and spreading “rumors” and I was subsequently banned from Websleuths.

I never “sleuthed” ps149, but I did sleuth CPH. At that time, CPH was the ONLY suspect I was sleuthing. Well, well, well… CPH had to stick his nose into the investigations online. I had a feeling he was already trolling the LISK site (since you can use multiple aliases under the same email address), and maybe reading on Websleuths, but I didn’t expect him to register and start commenting. I REALLY didn’t expect him to be so hell bent on who I was.

There were two people registered on Websleuths who had given MOUNDS of information on CPH: Truthspider and Flukeyou. Both men had been talking about the case far longer than I, and are local to Long Island. But, they are males, and I am a female. Is THAT why ps149 was trying to figure me out so hard, because I’m a woman? Did he think I would be intimidated by him? Did he think I would just give up because he said so?

Maybe he hasn’t come across a woman with my personality before? I really don’t like being told what to do or how to do it or that I can’t do something I know I can. His calling me a liar and telling me that I should stop my FOIL request because it couldn’t be done set me on fire. It lit so quickly that I don’t think he could begin to grasp what he started. This time, CPH messed with the wrong woman!


13 thoughts on “No “sleuthing” members

  1. You sound like a very nice person. You should come play with me.

  2. Great blog MM7, I have alot of respect for your theories even when I don’t agree with them. You have a reader in me. Hopefully you will continue sharing your ideas at Shine The Light.
    In time the conversation will pick up and you’ll have someone other than me to talk to. ; ) In fact, I am sitting tight on some new findings concerning THY and the possibility of a new member joining STL. I’ll let you in on it ASAP.

  3. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    Interesting blog. Is there a game being played, if so, can I play, too?

  4. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    I’m back, checking if any action here. Guess not. Oh, well, another bomb?

  5. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    @MM7, dated 2-9-13 @ 12:11 am. Are you attempting to appear as the same MM7 posting in the yellowed box with Seek Truth icon? I’m a bit confused. My question being asked was directed to C Peter Hackett’s “come play with me” remark. I don’t think C Peter Hackett is a serious player, instead a lousy tease.

  6. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    mysterymom7, minus the Seek Truth icon, is an impostor for some odd reason? What’s with the “sex talk”? Did you think I’m underage or were you hoping that was the case? Are you trying to take the attention off of C Peter Hackett? Or did you want to get in on the game he asked the real MM7 to play with him?

  7. zero says:

    I have learned more in the last 2 days reading these posts, then all my other time spent looking up info on this case. Keep up the good work mm7. If all this is real, I’m guessing one day everyone will know about you. I mean this case is already “Hollywood”, but add the story that a female websleauth blogger got under the skin of one of this cases main players, someone trolling theses sights themselves, again I am just amazed at all this and why it has taken me so long to come across this aspect of the story. And if MM7 and any of these posts and websites really do factor in to the cival suit aggainst CPH… my mind is blown at the moment…

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I could care less about being notarized for this case. I had absolutely every intention of staying anonymous. This is a real life case involving real life victims and real life families who deserve justice. There is a real life serial killer out there who needs to be put in jail (since NY doesn’t carry the death penalty). I don’t want any other person to fall victim to LISK. I will speak out publicly for ALL his victims, because they no longer have the opportunity. It disgusts me that someone can take anothers’ life and get away with it.

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