Lamb Chops

“This is the song that never ends…”

Lamb Chops the sock puppet.

I’ve had my suspicions that CPH was using more than just ps149 as an alias.

How many? That’s still a work in progress…

While working on this angle of investigation, someone awesome (justiceforever) mentioned the name “Magnotta”. I had heard about Magnotta’s dismembering, but I hadn’t looked into his use of sock puppets.

I love psychology, and have done extensive research on criminal psychology. It’s fascinating on a level of expanding understanding of life triggers, personal experience, nature vs. nurture and how those play into how a human could kill another human.

There are certain behaviors that if you know what you’re looking for, you can paint a picture of what goes through an individual’s mind and why they may do it before or after it happens.

Case in point: Magnotta. He is one sick pup! There were signs that some people saw, tried to alert the proper authorities, but were ignored or dismissed. Because the police (FBI) had not been on top of Magnotta, he went on to kill and dismember a man while videotaping it. The police didn’t see the progression that those who were following his YouTube videos and comments did.

What does Magnotta have to do with LISK? Sock puppets.

Let’s scroll back a bit…

2003- The last known dismembered victim by LISK, Jessica Taylor. (I believe this should actually be 2007, “Cherries”.)

Prior to March 2007, he had dismembered his victims. This was one of his thrills. But in March 2007, his latest victim was found (on the North Shore in Mammaroneck) rather quickly. He was being to risky with dismembering his victims. The rest of Jane Doe 1996 had never been found… His safest dumping ground.

June 2007 he accessed Maureen Brainard-Barnes’ voice mail, and it was quickly traced to Massapequa (the tower that a call from Oak Beach uses). The newspaper had given that information not long after.

The next time we know he used a victim’s cell phone was to call Melissa Barthelemy’s little sister. This time, he knew better than to call from his home.

This taunting gave him a similar (in his mind also safer) thrill. He was in control. He was finding out what they knew.

The same was true with his call to MG. He was trying to find out how much she knew. He was controlling the situation. When he talked his way out of getting caught (at least what he thought until GB4 were found), his confidence grew.

Since he no longer was safe using cell phones (In May 2010), he turned to web forums. He had been using them for some time, but after May 2010, they became his release.

He needed to be able to control the direction of the investigation. This is done with a balance of being the one who knows the details, one who gives a bit of truth, and at the same time controlling the direction of the investigation.

The use of sock puppets help when someone trying to deceive the reader needs someone to agree with him, to argue his point, and to add weight to the idea/theory. Magnotta had created approximately 70 sock puppets and it is believed he did this over a period of several years. I believe the LISK has done the same.

I believe he needed to create at least 2 other personas/aliases/identities. Just one would not be believable.

(More to come…)


20 thoughts on “Lamb Chops

  1. I agree about the use of sock puppets by the killer/s but as you know I think there are two killers and JT was a victim of the MV butcher. I totally respect your theory and think it’s a good one! We will never know untill we know.

  2. So are we to believe that you are truthspider from WS’s?

  3. To be honest, I don’t think that the person playing games with MM7S IS CPH! I have a whole ‘nother theory about that. Admittedly not fully put together, yet. Just remember, what goes on in the dark WILL come to the light!

    • mysterymom7 says:

      A-fricken-men! Even if you don’t believe it’s CPH… lol

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I ask you to ponder… am I sleuthing anyone else? Have I ever said (since I joined WS on this case) that I believed anyone BUT CPH was responsible for the murders? So with the theory that CPH is NOT LISK, that would mean the REAL LISK is upset that I’m saying CPH is LISK? Come on! That’s just too big a stretch of the imagination to be the case.

      • With all due respect MM I think you have tunnel vision when it comes to who you think the killer/s is/are. I think it’s clear that there are two killers MV and LISK. I think that there was an online campaign to frame CPH for the murder of SG and it has now spread like a cancer to include GB4, MV victims and probably the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy! I almost jumped on that bandwagon untill I realized what was happening. Something is going on and I am determined to figure this shyt out! There are people who have beef with CPH and to be honest this theory I have is floating around on the periphery of my brain. It hasn’t come into clear focus yet. I think you believe with all your heart that CPH is guilty. I believe you have good intentions. I believe in your integrity. I just don’t believe in your theory. There IS someone playing games with you. Who, why? I don’t know yet. I have some ideas.but can’tput all the pieces together…yet.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        :sigh: I understand your POV, but this is where we agree to disagree. 😉

      • I know and I promise not to say I told you so…well…at least not in those words! ; )

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Lol I can’t promise I won’t say I told you so. Hahaha!

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