Controversial Theory

I didn’t realize at the time I came up with this theory that another person on Websleuths had a similar idea. The subject had come up about a year before I joined and it was not a subject I had come across until that person pointed out the post.

It revolved around the possibility that SG was brought to Oak Beach, by Joseph Brewer, to fill a prescription for him.

Shannan had arrived around 2 am in Oak Beach. Her driver said that shortly after they arrived at Brewer’s, Shannan and Brewer were gone for about 15 minutes and they never left the community. Did they go down the street to pick up a script from CPH?

Just before 3 am, Shannan made a call to a CVS located 8 miles from Brewer’s home. The CVS that she called has a 24 hour pharmacy.

She spent 20 minutes on the phone with her driver, Michael Pak, following the call to CVS. Her driver stated that he wasn’t familiar with the area, so he suggested Brewer drive there.

If this was a run for street drugs in the parking lot, I don’t believe Shannan would call the CVS. Did she think there was something going on at that point? Is that why she called, to make sure it really was a 24 hour pharmacy?

If Shannan filled a prescription, there would be a paper trail. With CPH as the prescribing doctor?

Less than an hour after SG is off the phone with Pak, she called (presumably) to get her around 4:10 am, the call lasted one minute. He claims he was parked outside of Brewer’s. Why would she need to call Pak if he was sitting outside?

41 minutes later, SG calls 911, and stays on the phone until 5:14 am (23 minutes).

Where was Pak during those 41 minutes it is assumed SG was ready to go home? I think a plausible scenario is that other men were there that night trying to get her “services” without money. Did she feel threatened? My guess is that she did. I would also venture to guess that Pak had left the community, and that was why SG called him, and also why it was 41 minutes before SG called 911.

Pak says he heard SG on the 911 call in Brewer’s house. He doesn’t know what happened in the 41 minutes before his arrival, and because of that, he believes SG is being paranoid and irrational. She suspects Pak is in on whatever happened during that 41 minutes because it took so long for him to get there. His trying to calm her freaks her out even more. She runs.

GC’s light is on, and it is next to the gate to leave the community. She bangs on the door, he says he’s calling 911. She continues running. She runs because she is being followed by Pak, whom she believes is involved in whatever happened in those 41 minutes. GC believes SG runs because he said he was calling 911.

Instead of running out the gate, she runs deeper into the neighborhood, towards CPH’s house. SG comes up to BB’s home, knocks on her door, and runs off. At this point, she recognizes CPH, and believes he will help her. He knows SG is a prostitute and was hired by JB, but CPH doesn’t know that SG had a driver who brought her to the neighborhood. In CPH’s delusion, he believes he can “help” her. The only way he can “convert a whore” is to take her life.

(It is my belief that before meeting his wife, he met a prostitute he became attached to that he believed he could “convert” into a wife. She wasn’t interested, and it angered him. It was when he strangled the life out of that first woman that he became addicted.)

He strangles her. In his home. It was probably the first time he murdered a woman in his home. He covers his tracks by consulting JB first. He learns of SG’s driver. Someone knew where she was last. Her jacket was on Anchor Way, near CPH’s home. It was then in Brewer’s driveway and then police said it was missing.

CPH had to find out who knew what, before police came. GC. GC tells CPH that he saw someone looking for her and that he called 911. When he learns the police are on the way, he needs to keep them out. My gut tells me CPH told GC that he saw her driver pick her up, so no need to get the police involved. GC says, “Everything is fine, false alarm. Probably just some crazy person. She left with her driver.”

The responding officer takes off. BB doesn’t wonder why police haven’t visited her after her 911 call since she called CPH (he was the “go to guy” for Oak Beach security) and he had her believe he witnessed SG get into her driver’s truck.

Now, damage control ensues. He pulls up MG’s number on SG’s cell. He says he is a doctor, and he saw SG. He let her in his home and treated her, but she left unexpectedly. He wants to know how much MG knows, “Do you know where she went?” (ie. “Do you know she came to Oak Beach?”)

MP and SG’s boyfriend, Alex Diaz, go to Oak Beach the following day. They speak with CPH. CPH asks questions about SG. He asks if SG does drugs. He learns SG has gone to rehab before.

When SG’s sisters confront CPH about the call to their mom, he says, “I got the number from MP and AD, they told me to call MG.” His later statement is that he “knew SG had been to rehab before, so maybe she was in rehab” and that SG’s sisters may have misunderstood him.

According to GC, police didn’t come back to question the witnesses until August 2010.

In June 2010, Megan Waterman went missing from Hauppauge, close to Oak Beach. She left a hotel without her cell phone.

It is my opinion that his close-to-home murder of SG (along with a 23 minute call to 911, and witnesses) that he was able to talk his way out of getting caught thrilled him and built his confidence. He had been so risky with SG and avoided being caught, and wanted to see just how much he could get away with.

When the police came back to his neighborhood in August 2010, his murder of Amber Lynn Costello, who left from North Babylon without her cell phone, was a big FU to police. It was his greatest risk since SG.

He may have killed again between September and December 2010. If he did, her body may be one of the 90 points of interest that has not been searched.

He had to stop killing when the first 4 victims’ bodies were found in December 2010. He moved from Oak Beach to Ft.Myers, FL, in May 2012. I wish I had known this before getting so invested in this case…

One thought on “Controversial Theory

  1. It is good to have a place to lay out your entire theory! It’s a good one, even if I don’t necessarily agree. You go MM7!

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