Coming to my belief

After a quick Google search on the LISK case, I came across a message board dedicated to true crime and missing persons. Most of the members of this board seemed to have logical minds and dedicated hearts, a winning combo in my book.

I was nervous to post without putting some time and investigation of my own into the case, so I read. A lot. Then I read some more. I scoured over several hundred pages of news reports, posts, archived news articles, court documents, more posts and more. I must’ve read some important posts several times to make sure I was soaking it all in.

I formulated my opinion based on everything I read, with many other opinions added to the mix. I hold more stock in facts and inferences based on common sense and the process of elimination than I do on opinions alone.

I came to the conclusion that the man responsible for SG’s death, and the other 10 deaths was CPH, a doctor who is currently being sued by SG’s family for medical negligence.

He had, at least, 2 medical neglect lawsuits in the last ten years. I believe the outcome is that he settled, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case.

His father wrote a book, “The Last Happy Hour”, in which his father speaks of “converting whores”. There is also a description of spending time with prostitutes in Atlantic City, NJ, with his son tagging along. He describes his pride that, at 4 years old, his son was showing off his skills dissecting a lobster. His father worked at a hospital in admin. His mother was described to have died from complications of childbirth, but strangely, her death came 18 days after birth. She was in her early 20’s, his father in his mid 40’s.

His father passed away in 1997, leaving his expensive home to his son, where he lived until May 2012. He graduated med school as a DO in 1984, and became an ER doctor. He has filed for bankruptcy twice, and has been fired for negligence.

The newspaper has reported on his being fired. There were accusations from his superiors that he falsified time sheets and that he would say he was in one place when it was factually known he was not.

It is my belief that this history of CPH paints a psychological profile of someone capable of being a serial killer.

His propensity to lie about elaborate stories directly to people who know the facts leads me to believe he lives in some delusion. Because of his delusion, he is able to carry out murders of people he views as “less than” or “immoral”. In his delusion, he is doing the world a favor by killing these “whores”.


2 thoughts on “Coming to my belief

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