Will LISK ever be caught?

This question has been asked many times.

My answer is simply, yes, if I have anything to do with it.

I saw the Long Island Serial Killer case in May 2011 on 48 Hours Mystery, a show I regularly tune in to. They followed up on the show after Shannan Gilbert’s body was found. I didn’t catch the show when it first aired, but came across it one weekend morning online in August 2012.

I had remembered most of the first half of the show and how the case was puzzling at first glance. In May 2011, I read some emails on this site to become more familiar with the story. I remembered that I had looked into the case a bit more in depth back in 2011, but after reviewing the case again more than a year later, I had a different suspect in mind than I had in 2011.

I hate liars. I pride myself on my honesty and integrity. I despise being lied to. It’s a hot button of mine that I’m well aware exists. That is why this case has taken me where I never thought I’d be. I’ve put myself and my family at risk because of my stubborn need for the truth.

Why did I feel lied to?

May 1, 2010, Shannan Gilbert (SG) was last seen running through a private, gated community around 5 am. She was on her cell with a 911 operator from 4:51 am until 5:14 am.

December 2010, 3 miles West of where SG was last seen running for her life, a cadaver dog and handler stumbled on a decomposed body. After further investigation in the following days, 3 more decomposed bodies were found.

The search resumed in April 2011, when the FBI brought in Blackhawk helicopters to take high definition images of the long stretch of beach along Ocean Parkway. The Suffolk County Police (SCPD) announced the images showed 90 points of interest. The search that ensued in April 2011 came up with 6 more bodies or body parts, bringing the total to 10 victims of the LISK. Of the victims, 5 were confirmed prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist.

December 5, 2011, there was a search for SG’s remains approximately 7 miles to the West of where she was last seen alive. At the end of the day, SCPD announced they were investigating the 90 points of interest and wouldn’t stop the search until SG’s body was found.

December 6, 2011, SCPD did an about face and started searching in the marshy area behind a resident’s home in Oak Beach, the community where SG was last seen alive. Something, I believe, should have been done initially.

At the press conference that evening, SCPD announced they believed SG ran into the marsh, got her “skinny jeans” caught on the bramble and possibly drowned or died from the elements. Her body had not, yet, been found. It was her purse, cell phone, shoes and jeans that were found behind the doctor’s home.

Her body was found a few days later, approximately .25 mi from her belongings. Yards. Feet from the road she was supposedly running towards.

The SCPD has not gone back to search the other 90 points of interest (or is it now 89?). After Hurricane Sandy hit the area hard at the end of October 2012, an officer was quoted saying that because no bodies were left on Ocean Parkway after the water receded, they were “confident [they] had done a thorough search”.

My opinion is that I’ve been lied to by the SCPD. Do they think I’m stupid enough to believe what they have said about this case? By their statements, they insult my intelligence and common sense.

That is how I got hooked on this case and the search for truth.

This is my journey of coming to the conclusions I have. Am I right? Well, that isn’t a goal of mine. I just want the truth.

“Justice is truth in action.”


8 thoughts on “Will LISK ever be caught?

  1. ShouldDie says:

    Well said Truth! CristinKennedyBorders is clueless.

  2. Flukeyou says:

    The truth hurts and thats why mysterymom’s gotten under cph’s skin…..there’s only one flukeyou! i have never posted on this site until today

  3. zero says:

    MM7 as you may have noticed I have taking a liking to your place in this story. I am slowly beliving you are a very important part of it. My name is zero, I live on the West Coast and like yourself I dispise lies more then just about anything eles. I am a seeker of truth in a world of lies. It is nice to know I am not alone. Thank you.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Welcome, zero! I appreciate your comments! It’s about time I have comments from someone with the intelligence to understand this crazy situation I’ve been roped into.

  4. zero says:

    Even if she is wrong… she has struck a nerve with someone or ones who at least seem to have personal interest and/or knowledge in this case.

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